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We apply best industry practices whether in the area of ecological consciousness, CSR or HR initiatives. From the holistic development of our team members to social development, we constantly strive for the finest.


Our initiatives in the field of social responsibility have largely been in the area of education, public health and local infrastructure development. Drinking water, basic sanitation, roads and primary healthcare centres are only a few of the facilities that the Group has provided over the years. As an equal opportunity employer, we have encouraged the employment of the local populace in our projects, and at our plants. LNJ Bhilwara has actively facilitated and participated in all local cultural and religious functions which have become bonding points for the community. The Group has fostered development, both independently and in partnership with local governments and non governmental development agencies.


Our dedication to ecological preservation and development does not stop at official certifications like EMS-14001 compliance alone. Intensive plantation drives, regular waste management programmes and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol are just some of the measures that are regularly undertaken. Green Tech safety award and other such acknowledgements  are our proof of our efforts in this direction.


HR has been of primary interest, with an emphasis on self-evaluation, role definition and corporate philosophies like Kaizen being implemented. Regular performance appraisals based on a balanced score card system identify areas of improvement. Employee health, whether physical, mental or spiritual is of great importance. Our plants foster a tightly-knit, family-oriented culture which rests on the best possible physical infrastructure with fully integrated, self sufficient residential complexes complete with social clubs, educational, medical and sports facilities.

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